Питомник Lenskyi - Lenskyi Kennel Русская псовая борзая (Windhund), Бернский зенненхунд (Berner Sennen), Папийон, Папильон (Papillon).
We have Papillon puppies for sale.

Welcome to us on a visit!

It is a little about us:
We had our first dog in 1988.
Then, having visited the zoo market, we became owners of one-and-a-half-year-old airedaleterrier JERRY which has lived with us a long and happy dog life.
In 1993 we had a tiny puppy-metis named TOM.
It was with us of 16 years and always considered itself as the main dog in the house.
Our first Russian borzoi is beautiful black and white LEL, appeared at us in 1994.
We fell in love with this breed at first sight and a year later he got a friend - sable ASTRAGAL HASSINI (Stasik). These dogs have perfect pedigrees, the amazing ex-terriers and numerous titles.
In February, 2000 in RKF and FCI our kennel «Lenskyi» (the certificate 3897) has been registered.

The kennel works with:

The Kennel renders following services:
  • The qualified consultations on various questions;
  • Handling;
  • Registration on exhibitions;
  • Purchase of meal for dogs.

We hope, that stay in our virtual house will be for you pleasant and interesting.

The owners of kennel «Lenskyi» are Elena and Maria Pavlovs..