Питомник Lenskyi - Lenskyi Kennel Русская псовая борзая (Windhund), Бернский зенненхунд (Berner Sennen), Папийон, Папильон (Papillon).
We have Papillon puppies for sale.

The information on breed :


Papillon — In translation from French – Papillon is a butterfly. This dog has that name because it has the big ears resembling wings of the butterfly.

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  • The papillon himself is small in growing but «big in heart»; he loves his family very much, always adapts to your mood and feels everything with you.Papillon — accompanies you everywhere and everytime. He will go with you many kilometers or will lie beside on a sofa all the day if you want it.

    Today these small dogs not only parade themselves at the dog show, but also show brilliant results at agility. Papillon is the smallest Seeing Eye dog and a dog-rescuer.

    Papillon’s life expectancy is more than average. Sometimes they live till 16-17 years.

    Berner sennenhund.

    The native land of this breed is Switzerland.

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  • Berner sennenhund — is a big, clever, beautiful dog faithfully loving the owner and his family. He is able to think and to — accept the right decision independently. But the most important for him is your — safety.

    At your presence he is absolutely peaceful and self-assured, does not show animosities in relation to another people.

    Owing to the outstanding intelligence, endurance, amazing beauty (Swisses consider his as most beautiful dog in the world), unpretentiousness in meal, reticence (they bark very seldom) and many other positive things, these dogs became popular all over the world.

    Russian Borzoy.

    Russian Borzoi is the most elegant and aristocratical of dogs of all breeds.

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  • It’s rather intelligent and independently thinking dog. Its kind, at all grace, makes impression of the big force. And this force is successfully combined with a harmonious constitution, majestic figure and deportment.

    «Russian borzoi is breed number one in Russian dog breeding. Borzoi — is Russian history, culture, mentality. The hunting with Russian borzois – is a national kind of hunting – for our country, so it was led since ancient times. This breed is included into few numbers of the breeds, awarded names «Russian», and on a seniority of the name much more surpasses the others. It’s the first Russian breed without which the Russian way of life is inconceivable.» (The citation from the foreword for the G. V. Zotova’s book «Russian Borzoi»).

    They are clever, tactful, unostentatious and are entirely devoted to the owner.