Питомник Lenskyi - Lenskyi Kennel Русская псовая борзая (Windhund), Бернский зенненхунд (Berner Sennen), Папийон, Папильон (Papillon).
We have Papillon puppies for sale.


Today the handler's profession is very popular and demanded. Handler trains dogs, exposes them at the dog shows and also can hide their lacks and show only their advantages. The professional handler can find the approach to any dog. In our kennel there is the handler – Pavlova Maria. She was trained at special school of Junior Handler at RKF in 1996. She is an owner of set of prestigious awards, the winner of junior handlings.

Now she works with dogs of any breed including German shepherd dog which is the most labour-consuming breed. If you wish that she trained your dog, please contact her maripavlik@list.ru

2007 year. Best Puppi. «Stolitsa - Zima – 2007».
2006 year. BOS, CACIB. Show «Russia – 2006» (Foto_1)
2006 year. BOB, CACIB and BOS, CACIB. 2xCACIB show «Bratislava – 2006». (Foto_1) (Foto_2)
2006 year BOB at national Russian Borzois' show «Memorial of Mrs. Drozdova.» (Foto_1) (Foto_2)
Best Junior at dog show "Arta" (Foto_1)
2005 year. (Foto_1) (Foto_2) (Foto_3)
1998 year. BOB at national Russian Borzois' show. (Foto 1)
1998 year. 1st place at Junior handler in Burgas (Bulgaria). (Foto_1)
1997 year. Foto_1.