Питомник Lenskyi - Lenskyi Kennel Русская псовая борзая (Windhund), Бернский зенненхунд (Berner Sennen), Папийон, Папильон (Papillon).
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Lenskyi Aragon

J.Ch.Russia, J.Ch.Ukraine, J.Ch.Bulgaria, J.Ch.Macedonia, J.Ch.Serbia, J.Ch.Montenegro, J.Ch.Balcan countries, J.Winner of National breed Club, Ch.Russia, Ch.Belarus, Ch.Ukraine, Ch.Moldova, Ch.Macedonia, Ch.Romania, Ch.Bulgaria, Ch.Geogia, Ch.Montenegro, Ch.Hungary, Ch.Lithuania, Ch.Latvia, Ch.Estonia, Ch.Finland, Ch.Balcan countries, Ch.Baltics countries, Black Sea Winner-2010, Ch.Uzbekistan, Ch.Czech, Ch.Spain, Ch.Serbia, Ch.Croatia, 2xWinner of National breed Club,

Top Russian Papillon'2009, Ch.Breed'2009,

Grand Ch.Russia, Grand Ch.Ukraine, Grand Ch.Bulgaria, Grand Ch.Romania, 4xCh.RKF, Ch.ROLS, Ch.RFSS, BISPuppy-1, 12xBJunior, 77xBOB, 5xBIG-3, 11xBIG-2, 18xBIG-1, BIS-4, 2xBIS-3, 2xBIS-2, 7xBIS, 2xBISS, 28xCACIB, 3xR.CACIB.

Lenskyi Aragon, papillon